Photography by Indie Grant Productions


adapted by alexander utz from mary shelley's classic tale

A World Premiere directed by Artistic Director Bec Willett 

March 9 - 31, 2018

In this retelling of Mary Shelley's classic Gothic horror story, the focus is not on the folly of man's desire to create life, but rather on the ability of society to cast out and condemn an individual. Interwoven with elements of Shelley's own life and the origin of the Frankenstein legend, the play is an exploration of how the monsters we conjure are not always as inhuman as they seem. collage of a dystopian midwest

The show tonight was absolutely incredible! Went in not knowing anything about it and absolutely loved it from start to finish!
— Trent Zuberi, patron
It’s my first Bower Theatre Ensemble Production and it won’t be my last.
— Aaron Sawyer, Artistic Director, Red Theater

collage of a dystopian midwest

by Chris vanDerArk

A World Premiere directed by Artistic Director Bec Willett 

October 20 - November 10 2018

Nox Arca Theatre, 4001 N. Ravenswood #405, Chicago

Sensitive and whimsical and inventive and unlike anything being produced this season.
— Olivia Lilley, Artistic Director, Prop Thtr

Wanna live the American dream? Live in the Midwest – at least that’s what they say. But can this dream survive in a world where which Artificial Intelligence is not a novelty giving interviews on morning shows but rather integrated into the mundane and everyday?

Depicting primarily queer human and artificial characters and relationships, Bower Theatre Ensemble members Nathaniel Andrew, Elliot Sowards, Lizzy Sulkowski and Alexander Utz perform a series of linked absurdist sci-fi vignettes that ask us to consider whether the creators of A.I. – and by extension, technology at large – are more machine than their creation.

Photography by Casanova Arts